Provide top-tier support services and platform enhancements, ensuring that you’re continually maximizing the return on your ServiceNow investment.

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At ISM, we have many lines of support available. We support direct person to person interaction using phone, instant messaging, email and video. You can also submit a case via our customer service portal. We have live support Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm but after hour support can be arranged.

Here’s some additional information that may help define what we do.

To provide our customers with the expertise and resources necessary to maintain and enhance
ServiceNow so that it can be utilized to its full potential in the pursuit of their organizational
goals and needs.

We provide the management, expertise, and staff needed to support the customer’s
ServiceNow environment. This includes planning, configuring, and implementing
enhancements, system maintenance and upgrades, and fixing broken configurations.

How it works:
• You designate Customer Liaisons
• They submit a case via 800 #, email, or directly via our Customer Service Portal
• All updates generate a notification to the Customer Liaison
• Cases and purchased hours remaining can be viewed any time via the portal

What’s included:
• Enhancements – enable additional ServiceNow features or configure and
improve current features including forms, scripts, business rules, reports or any
other configurable aspect of ServiceNow
• Break/Fix – correct a previously configured function that no longer performs as
• Consulting – provide guidance and planning expertise on current and future use
of ServiceNow, assist with upgrades and system maintenance

Questions – answer “how do I”
• You select how many hours per month, most popular is 20 hours per month but
more can be purchased if needed
• Monday through Friday, 8-5 (customer’s time zone)

Our promise:
• Case acknowledged within 30 minutes
• Estimate of effort for enhancements provided
• Real time access to your cases and updates

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12471 W Linebaugh Ave Suite 200, Tampa, FL 33626